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Atari 2600 / games / Crazy Climber

Crazy Climber

As Crazy Climber, climb your way to the top of a series of buildings, where a helicopter is waiting to pick you up and take you to the next building. As Climber scales a building, he is able to climb up and sideways but he cannot climb down. While climbing a building, windows will open and close simultaneously. If any window closes on either of his hands he will lose his grip. However, if a window closes on both of his hands, he will fall to his death, resulting in the loss of a life. You have three Climbers in total, but you are awarded an extra Climber every 30,000 points. Besides windows, Climber is faced with other dangers, including:

-Bald-headed guys who hurl various objects at you.
-Pesky condors who fly by, dropping eggs and droppings of an unpleasant substance.
-Falling steel girders and iron dumbells.
-Electrical "Nichibutsu" signs with a dangling live wire.
-Falling "Crazy Climber" signs.
-King Kong leaping from side to side of the building and slams his hands against the windows.

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