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Nintendo NES / games / Big Nose the Caveman

Big Nose the Caveman

You control the "Big Nose" character, who is running through many islands to find his dinner, because he is very hungry. Along the way, Big Nose collects bones, that he can use to buy items from the various shops that include spells, upgrades to his abilities and items.
This game is also very difficult because you cannot restart from where you left off once all your lives are gone. It is also very long with four islands (Paradise Island, Monster Island, Terror Island, and Chaos Island) each containing several levels. Big Nose the Caveman dies in a single hit unless he has stones. The stones can shoot out of his club, killing enemies. As many as three stones can come out of the club. There are also many pitfalls, traps and deadly lava/water since Big Nose can't swim.
It was followed by a sequel in 1992.

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