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Atari 2600 / games / Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

Fire! A man is trapped in a burning warehouse and the fire is raging out of control! As the only fireman on duty, your job is to keep your cool, put out the flames, and rescue the terrified man.

You begin the game aboard your fire engine. You must hop off the truck, walk back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the warehouse, and spray water upward to keep the flames under control. Your goal in each game is to rescue the man as quickly as possible. You do this by running back to your truck and extending your ladder to the floor on which the man is awaiting rescue. The man will then move into position for you to climb the ladder and rescue him.

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Atari 2600 Lot of 6 Cosmic Ark Fire Fighter Demon Attack Atlantis Star Voyager
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Vintage Game -- Fire Fighter (Atari 2600, 1982) -- TESTED! Works nicely!(ARM67)
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Vintage Atari 2600 Game Fire Fighter Tested with Box & Instructions 1982 IMagic
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