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Nintendo NES / games / Arctic Adventure: Penguin & Seal

Arctic Adventure: Penguin & Seal

Go North to the Arctic and meet Mr. Penguin. He is one of the great pioneers of the icy climate and if I may say so, a survivor.
His game is collecting diamonds scattered in the coldest corners of the globe. Guide Mr. Penguin through each round and help him with his diamond collection.
You must collect all the diamonds and stash them safely in your igloo. Watch out! Those nasty seals have tusks as sharp as blades. If you can't crush them with a block of ice I suggest you dive out of their way.
Hang on! This is only round No. 1. Now let's try getting through to round No. 50. If you manage to get through all of that, how about constructing your own personal custom-tailored round. Good luck!

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