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Nintendo NES / games / American Dream

American Dream

The player must earn money in order to become the wealthiest gambler in the world. The game, set in New York City, is considered a spin-off from the Pachio-kun franchise. Al Capone has a cameo role in this game even though he lived about one thousand miles to the west (Chicago) in real life.
Roads, taxis and automobiles are not portrayed in the game. However, a black limousine that escorts the player from the air force base to the final casino is portrayed as driving on grass. This is in direct opposition to the real New York City where the majority of the surface is concrete (either as roads, parking lots, or as foundations for the buildings). Only parks and some older residential districts use grass in their design in the real world. Buildings are either shown as dilapidated tenements, shiny towers, or as flashy casinos.
An English language translation was made in 2007 by a ROM hacker who goes by the nickname of "Pale Dim." Using the game's upper case letters that resemble the Joystix font, the English translation allows players in English-speaking countries to better understand the game. One of the changes made was to change the explosion sound from the Japanese Bom to the English Boom.

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