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Nintendo NES / games / Captain Silver

Captain Silver

This game is a port of the original Arcade version and was released exclusively in Japan.
This version features several substantial differences from the Arcade version. The player now has a health gauge and can take more than one hit before losing a life (which can be replenished by picking up hearts). However, some of the enemy grunts now take more than one slice to defeat as well. The player can now purchase all weapon power-ups in item shops, which can be changed through a sub-menu. The stages are different and the bosses include new foes such as Frankenstein's monster and a giant octopus. The player can enter houses and rooms where an old lady will offer advice to the player (such as an enemy's weak point). However, some of the old ladies the player will encounter are hostile and will bring a curse to the player (like reducing his health by half). The ending varies depending on whether the player used a continue to finish the game.

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