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Nintendo Game Boy / games / Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks

Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks

Players compete against fifteen computer opponents, including Bill Elliott, who normally wins races that the player does not. Players can choose to run a single race, or the season championship. The season championship is comprised of eight races, consisting of each of the four tracks run twice. The distances for the races is selected by the player, and ranges from 10 miles to 500 miles. Players receive points towards the championship based on the points structure of the actual NASCAR Winston Cup series. Another separate game score is tallied inside the game, awarding higher points for longer race distances chosen. A bug possibly appears in the game, as frequently when the full distance is chosen for the season championship, some races are run with extended distances.

The Game Boy version is very similar to the NES version, except that Atlanta replaced Talladega. Additionally, Pontiac is excluded and players chose between a Ford, Chevrolet or Oldsmobile.

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