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Atari 2600 / games / Princess Rescue

Princess Rescue

Oh No! BJ is at it again!

Will he ever learn? Better yet, will the princess? It seems like you can usually mark on the calendar when this is going to happen. Yes, once again BJ and his minions have managed to steal away the kingdom's most beloved princess and it's up to you to rescue her...again. It never fails. As par for the course, BJ will be sending out his followers to stop you from completing your task, but they can be defeated. The kingdom is filled with lots of magical stones that contain power or items that you can use along your way to help rescue the princess. Why BJ hasn't gotten rid of them by now is anyone's guess. So venture out and once again restore order to the kingdom!

Save the Princess in this familiar platform game through 16 challenging scrolling levels! Collect Power-Ups and other items to help you complete your quest while avoiding, jumping, kicking, or whatever other method to get by the boss' minions along the way. Watch out as you finish the castle stages as the ruthless boss comes in to try to do you away. Succeed and the Princess will be forever grateful.

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