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A puzzle game. The player manoeuvres the player, an anthropomorphic cat, to navigate a room while clearing obstacles and kicking monsters and ghosts off the screen. Once the player has knocked all of the enemies off the screen, he advances to the next level. Advancement can prove difficult for the player as increasingly intricate obstacles are presented to overcome all of the monsters and ghosts. Arguably, the easiest route to solve the problem is through trial and error. A player may try one combination of manoeuvres by moving the obstacle in one direction, then he may find himself trapped. The player can hit the 'A'-button to reverse his movements and try again in a different way until he finds the solution that enables him to access all of the baddies to knock them off the screen. Trial and error seems to make up a large portion of the game. Players can also create their own mazes.

The game is credited with having originated the time-rewind mechanic.

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