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Super Nintendo / games / Bastard!!


In this game, you're either in the foreground or the background, and your opponent is always on the opposite end of the screen. To fight whoever flies thar yonder in the distance, you send out projectiles, in our case fireballs. These behave differently depending on which of the four main buttons you press: if you press the A button, they fly in a curve towards the upper right part of the screen, if you push the Y button, they go left and down and so on and so forth. Sadly, they move so slowly your opponent has a good three seconds to get out of the way, and in so weird curves that aiming is impossible. Also, the screen constantly twists in all directions.

from $20
SNES -- BASTARD ANKOKU NO HAKAISHIN -- Boxed. Super famicom. Japan. work fully.
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Bastard SNES COBRA TEAM Nintendo Super Famicom Japan USED
from $6
SNES -- BASTARD -- Super famicom, Japan Game, work fully!! 13888
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