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Breakers Revenge

Two years after the release of Breakers, Visco has come up with Breakers Revenge. This game is essentially the original Breakers with one new character, bringing the playable total to nine. This game, like Breakers, is a 2D side view fighting game. The two novel ideas from Breakers, having alternate names when characters fight their clones and having shadow images around a dizzy character, are also present in Breakers Revenge. But while they were mildly novel in the first game they barely merit a raised eyebrow in this.

Like its predecessor, Breakers Revenge plays like a standard Capcom inspired 2D fighting game. Characters have access to a variety of standard and special attacks, as well as combos, guard breakers, and taunts. Each time the character attacks his or her super meter is charged up, to a maximum of three levels. Whenever the super meter has at least one level charged the character can use his or her super attacks, which drain one level of the meter in the process. If the meter is allowed to charge up to the maximum three levels without being used all of the character's attacks become more powerful.

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BREAKER'S REVENGE NEOGEO MVS JAMMA Cartridge and Instruction card/tested-A-
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Breakers Revenge Neo Geo MVS JAMMA Arcade System • SNK Visco
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Breakers Revenge JAP Neo Geo Aes Sous Licence Visco
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