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ColecoVision / games / Cabbage Patch Kids: Picture Show

Cabbage Patch Kids: Picture Show

Gameplay is identical to that of Smurf Paint & Play Workshop, in that players can draw and create their own scenes, or choose from any one of four background scenes and start to add clip-art objects, furniture and free form design.

Create any number of decorated scenarios and then use either controller to change into one of four Cabbage Patch Kids characters and play around in the graphic you have created. Characters are able to move left, right, up, down... jump and drop.

Though you can record your animations and play them back, there is no method of saving your work, so it all disappears when the power goes off.

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Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show ColecoVision Complete Game Coleco Vision CIB
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cabbage patch kids colecovision picture show program guide only -No Game
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Colecovision Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show - Program And Parents Guides
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