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Atari Lynx / games / Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge

Before Chip can join the Bit Busters computer club and hang out with the girl of his dreams, Melinda the Mental Marvel, he must solve all 144 challenging puzzles.
Your bird's-eye view can help Chip rush through the puzzles and mazes before he's deleted by monsters, traps, and the passage of time. Show Chip how to use blocks of soil to overcome water traps and cherry bombs, find keys, and pick up the computer chips which Chip needs to solve some puzzles.
Can you help Chip win the cold heart of his one true love and become an official Bit Buster? If you can't, no one can!

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Chip's Challenge (Atari Lynx, 1989) Factory Sealed
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Atari Lynx CHIPS Challenge, Lynx Game in Good Condition, Works Great!, 1603
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Chip's Challenge Atari Lynx. BRAND NEW! SEALED! Chips
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