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Nintendo 64 / games / 1080° Snowboarding

1080° Snowboarding

You’re taking a Tahoe 155 snowboard down a steep, bumpy incline at night and you’re about to top off an Indy Nosebone with a 360° Air, and you haven’t even left your living room! You’re Playing 1080° (Ten Eighty) Snowboarding, a game so intense you’ll be brushing the snow off your goggles. With five different boarders, eight different Lamar snowboards, more than 25 tricks, a Half-Pipe and six different courses, this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing without hopping on the next ski life.

* Six game modes and courses!
* 2-Player simultaneous play!
* Over 25 different tricks!
* Compatible with Rumble Pak accessory.

from $7
1080° Snowboarding (Nintendo 64, 1998)
from $58
Nintendo 64 (N64) Console w/ New Wires and Controller, 1080 Snowboarding!!!
from $9
1080 SNOWBOARDING NINTENDO 64 N64 Cartridge Only Works Fast Free Ship X Games
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