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Nintendo 64 / games / Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes you play as Sarge, the protagonist from many of the Army Men games. Tan Army is invading the Green Army base; Sarge rescues Colonel Grimm and they evacuate the base in a helicopter. Sarge discovers portals that lead from the "plastic world" to the "real world" and that the Tan Army is trying to acquire "Weapons of Mass Destruction" from the "real world" , for example toys and ordinary objects like magnifying glass. To avoid the destruction of the Green Army, Sarge has to rescue commandos of his own unit, Bravo Company, to destroy vehicles & portals and finally stop the evil general Plastro.

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Nintendo N64 Army Men Sarge's Heroes Instruction Manual Book Only
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Nintendo N64 Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 Instruction Manual Book Only
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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 (Nintendo 64, 2000)
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