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Custom Robo

Custom Robo is sort of a sci-fi action take on Nintendo's own collect-and-battle style Pokemon titles. In the game's story mode, you slip into the role of a young boy who has just built his very own toy robot who goes by the name of Lei. Together with your cousin, you head down towards Robo Station to take part in a giant Custom Robo battle championship that takes place in the local Holosseum. The ultimate goal is to improve your skills so that you can defeat the champion Custom Robo builder of them all, Mamoru. Gameplay involves robo customization and frantic action battles in confined 3D arenas. Followed by a sequel.

from $36
SET/LOT N64 2x Games: Custom Robo 1 (I) + V2 (II) SCIENCE FICTION NINTENDO 64
from $6
CUSTOM ROBO N64 Nintendo 64 From Japan
from $1
Custom Robo V2, Nintendo 64 [Japan Import] b
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