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Nintendo 64 / games / FIFA Soccer 64

FIFA Soccer 64

FIFA Soccer 64 delivers the intensity and drama of international soccer to the Nintendo 64. You can choose from 150 national and club teams and develop your tactics and strategies in a friendly match. And when the time comes, try to win a Tournament. If you like something more substantial than tournament play, try to win a Season and become a league champion, or skip straight to the Playoffs. Should a friend want to join the action, he can with the Two-Player mode. In all of the game modes, you can play with free-and-loose Arcade rules, or strict referees and penalties in Simulation.

from $13
N64 - FIFA 98: Die WM Qualifikation / Road to World Cup (cartridge with manual)
from $7
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (Nintendo 64, 1997) CARTRIDGE ONLY - TESTED
from $14
N64 / Nintendo 64 game - FIFA 99 (cartridge)
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